Nursery Ministry
Nursery is for babies and toddlers
(birth through two years)
Security – The following measures are taken to promote safe care:
·        Our nursery doors are locked at all times
·        Volunteers are trained
·        Screening of volunteers
·        Only parents are to pick up children (or someone designated by the parents and permission given to the nursery workers by the parents prior to time to pick up a child)
·        No visitors to the Nursery
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Suggestions for making your child’s stay in the Nursery more comfortable:
·        Small diaper bag
·        Bottle of prepared formula-labeled
·        Sippy Cup-labeled
·        Pacifier-labeled
·        Change of clothes
Sickness – Children with the following symptoms in the last 24 hours should not plan to stay in the Nursery:
·        Vomiting or diarrhea (6-8 stools in the last 24 hours)
·        Green or cloudy runny nose
·        Sore throat or sore mouth
·        Temperature of 100.4 or above
·        Runny eyes
·        Croup, Coughing
·        Skin infections
No medications shall be dispensed by Nursery volunteers.
** Please pick up your child immediately after church service so volunteers can clean .
  January 2021  
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