June 2018  
Bible Search
College & Young Adult Bible Study
Leader: Shane & Kashia Whittle
What an important and potentially wonderful season of life!   This is a great unique chapter of living, and can be a great experience and a real springboard for a blessed future. Critical life decisions are made regarding our life pathway…education, vocations, marriage & family, priorities, patterns, and preparations, are established. Yet for many, poor decisions derail hopes and dreams…how fast things can change. On the flip-side, a well-lived life guided by God’s guidelines, can provide many happy memories and a real beacon of hope for the future.
We’re here to help navigate the uncertain waters by intentionally getting the truths from God’s standpoint, the Word, try to get them from our heads to our hearts for applying them, empowered by the Spirit.  God so wants to have a relationship with us, to see us fulfill His purposes for our lives. Imagine that…we can be in a place of blessing and fulfillment!  Life’s span is a drop in the ocean compared to eternity, but a hugely important drop!  Let us help you be on track.
Our goal is to be relevant, encouragingly biblically-based and accurate, and enjoyable. We’d love to have you visit and see what’s going on. It’s informal, and we cover a lot. Come expecting a serious Sunday morning spiritual breakfast…we do our best to make it worth your time.   
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